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Patient Testimonials

"I had to jump on and say how wonderful Dr. Gear is. I have been in fear of going to the dentist for years. I knew something was very wrong with one of my back teeth and finally decided to visit Dr. Gear after my daughter went to her and just loved her. Sure enough I needed to have a root canal! The mere mention of the word got my heart racing. Dr. Gear listened to my fears (mainly fear of pain and needles). I explained that in the past dentist could never get me numb enough for any procedure to be painless.
Dr. Gear made it very clear that that was unacceptable. She said a patient should never be in fear of pain. She assured me that with the necessary pain medication and giving it time to work, I would not feel a thing. She was absolutely right! Now I am a pretty petite women but it took a elephants dose to numb the area and Dr. Gear waited for around twenty minutes just to make sure it had really taken affect.

Through out the procedure Dr Gear told me exactly what she was doing and encouraged me to let her know if I was feeling any pain. When she started with the drill I did indeed feel it. Dr Gear stopped immediately and administered more numbing medication and waited for it to take affect. After that it was smooth sailing.

I am now preparing to have a wisdom tooth extracted thanks to a recommendation by Dr. Gear. I have met my oral surgeon Dr. Miranda and she is just like Dr. Gear. Intelligent, informative, and warm. I am so happy to have found a compassionate physician who listens and is responsive to my needs.

THANK YOU Dr. Gear."

"My first time going to see Dr.Gear and the experience was wonderful. This was the first time that I didn't feel any pain after my root canal was done! What a Great Experience!!!"

"Dr. Gear LISTENS - really listens to me. Her treatment includes a sincere concern for the immediate solving of the problem as well as the patients long term welfare. She is totally professional while being a charming lady. That helps when it's time to get the injection (after PLENTY of the gum numbing paste). There are not many dentists in the world who can make "root canal" less of an ordeal - but Karen is sure one of them. When treating me she used a variety of high tech equipment - including something that looked like a microscope from star trek - to look in tooth roots I think.... At her office you don't feel like cattle - with a number - a time slot - and an "unhappy fate". Quite the contrary - always a cheerful greeting, EFFECTIVE professional care, some appropriate "after treatment" pain prescription, after care advise - and the REAL ability to reach her if a problem - nice to have even if I have not had the chance to use it. Like most of you I am "dentist chicken" - but, after having 3 or 4 "problems" solved by Dr. Gear - I trust my problem to her with confidence. BTW: my wife would not see anyone else."

"Dr. Gear is awesome. I had to go to her last year for a root canal and was crying before I even sat in the chair. I wound having lots of complications with my tooth (not her fault) and she went out of her way to help me. Even calling me while on vacation out of state to check up on me. That means alot to someone like me who isn't from NYC and doesn't want to just be a number in an office."

"I am a patient of Dr. Gear, she is delight. I am alway anxious when going to the dentist, she gives me a sense of calm. She is God Sent."

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